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Nom Nom Away

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One of your greatest food dreams has come true. Pizza is a vegetable. Well…according to Congress at least.

That’s right, our representatives and senators have christened our favorite slice as a vegetable because it contains at least two tablespoons of tomato sauce. Even if a slice has double that amount of cheese and meat. A new appropriations bill would undo parts of the law that Michelle Obama advocated for regarding new, healthier standards for school lunches. The potato and frozen food industry pushed back at the requirements, which would have taken french fries off menus too, and won. Now starchy vegetables, and minuscule amounts of tomato sauce are considered “healthy”.

Is Congress going too far in defining food standards? I think that most of us, if not all, would agree that pizza and fries aren’t healthy, not matter how you look at it. But if you’re Congress, eat away!

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  1. November 17, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    I think Congress is going a little too far with food standards. It is blantantly obvious that pizza is not a healthy food, so I don’t see how Congress can truly tell themselves and the United States that pizza is healthy. I mean okay it has two tablespoons of tomato sauce, big deal! The amount of cheese and meat completely nullifies the “vegetable” quality and the amount of grease on pizza makes it completely unhealthy. But, I guess that if what Congress thinks then hey, I dont have to feel bad about pizza anymore! how many serving sizes of vegetables do you need again?

  2. Laura Orella
    November 17, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    I saw this too, while pizza is not healthy I think it is hard to define what is healthy for a large group of people. Congress probably just made requirements that if met meant that the food was healthy. However they did not take into account all the unhealthy ingredients, while there may be vegetables in pizza there are other parts to making a pizza that take it out of the vegetable category. Since this issue was brought up to find the definitions of healthy in school lunches I think that they are trying to keep a certain amount of food similar to what kids had in their lunches before, changing everything would probably mean refusal to eat from children.

  3. November 18, 2011 at 4:43 am

    Although I believe that Congress may be going a little too far with, it is also important to look at it from the perspective of the schools. Schools need to make food that is healthy but also in mass quantity and under certain time constraints. I don’t know too much about the subject, but I can imagine it to quite difficult for schools to make sure they are fulfilling all of the requirements necessary. My school served pizza on Friday and I think partly because it was delivered so it was easy and many students like to buy it. I personally believe that foods like french fries and other fatty foods should be cut from school menus because if kids aren’t getting good meals at home at least they are at school. On the other hand, pizza is delicious and definitely less unhealthy than other foods that could be served.

  4. November 18, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    This seems like an act of lobbyist’s getting their way with politicians, like in so many other cases in American politics in the past couple years. As far as health goes the undoing of this law does not seem to make sense and it is easy to see why: pizza is just flat out not a vegetable! When you think of a veggy, pizza doesn’t even cross your mind. What does make sense – at least for potato companies – is the fact that they would be losing a lot of business if this standard were to be upheld. Because of this, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did whatever they could to wheedle politicians into turning the improved standards down.
    French fries and pizza are not good for you, and with the emergence of a so-called “push” for healthier living in America this is pretty sad. The kids in school can’t really do anything about this because they don’t know any better, but – as expected – it’s up to those in charge to make the right decisions. French fries are easy to make, sure, but I don’t think that justifies keeping them in children’s diets, even if the school is making them. There are other healthier foods that are easy to make in large quantities. If kids really want this stuff, they should go home and eat it. Schools should be setting an example by having healthy foods, (even a baked potato would be better) and that starts with the improvement of food standards in Congress.

  5. November 19, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Omgosh. Are they serious? Pizza (my favorite food) is not a vegetable, nor will it every be! Also it’s not healthy, even if it does have tomatoes sauce it really depends on how it was made. Unless you squeezed the tomato juice from a freshly picked tomato right on to the pizza dough then it has the possibility of being processed with a whole bunch of their ingredients that aren’t healthy for us either. This says a lot about why Americans, especially children, are becoming more and more obese. The system says they want to promote happiness but then tell the kid to their daily in take of vegetables through couple slices of pizza. Thats ridiculous. Congress has gone nuts and if they don’t change they way they think this country’s problem with weight will never get resolved.

  6. November 21, 2011 at 4:43 am

    First of all, I tomato’s were a fruit! Second I don’t agree with this new bill. Pizza is not the answer to making America a healthy country. I don’t understand who’s benefiting from making pizza a vegetable besides the pizza manufacturers. Even tomato sauce has so many additives and deems to be unhealthy.

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