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Spying Game

I have always loved video games. I enjoyed playing them at home as a kid with friends and still today with my friends when we hang out. They are a way for me to get my stress out and have a good time either playing a sports game or trying to beat a level on Call of Duty. It gives me some time out from whatever is going on in my life, and just step back and give my mind a break and allow it to refocus on what I have left to finish. The only thing that bothers me about video games is how people say there is no benefit to them. Many say that they are completely useless and shouldn’t be made anymore. I don’t believe that and one post from earlier in the year gave some evidence to prove that video games can serve a purpose. What I really like is that video game designers heard these arguments, and developed a new type of technology that changed the gaming industry forever. This new changing technology was the Kinect for the Xbox 360. This device allows someone to play a video game with their entire body and no controller necessary. It completely gets rid of the no use argument because now people can play video games while being active.

Unfortunately, not everything is flawless and so people had arguments against the Kinect when it first came out. Many people believe that the Kinect is used by Microsoft as a tool for them to spy on us. Most believe that they Microsoft does it so they can take information about people and sell it to other corporations so that they can make better advertisements in order to help them sell their products. This information collected on the general public would allow corporations to design advertisements to certain people in order to get more customers. Some believe an even crazier kind of espionage is taking place. Some people even believe that Microsoft is taking information on us for the government, and they if they find anything alarming about people they can then report it to the police. These different theories had people worried that they would no longer have any privacy if they got a Kinect.

I truly don’t believe any of the arguments against the Kinect. I believe that people are just being paranoid about it, but I also see how that’s understandable in this day when people can rob us just by getting the numbers on our credit card. The main reason I don’t believe it is because Microsoft only makes the product for people to buy. It is the Xbox corporation that uses internet to connect the Kinect with the internet, but they have very strict policies on their internet services. But what do you think? Do you believe that people could be spying on us through the Kinect?

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  1. November 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    People say that video games do not have a purpose because more times than not parents walk in our their kids playing a game, their faces four feet from the screen and their mouths wide open in a daze. I play video games but to me this type of gaming serves little purpose except for entertainment.
    Kinect is definitely a different concept – along with Wii – and these systems are much better because they incorporate family time with an active lifestyle. These are not just your typical button-mashing games but rather games you can play with your family and have a good time. You can even exercise with it: Wii has sports and yoga that can help you work out.
    As far as the spying goes, I do not think Microsoft is spying on people through Kinect, however it is very weird to think about. You could argue that Microsoft uses Kinect to find your interests and hobbies so they can advertise more individually to try and get users more interested in certain products. Facebook actually does this. They take your information, like your favorite music, sports, movies, etc. and they use that information and put advertisements on your sidebar that they think you would be interested in. Every wonder why ads for you favorite band’s concerts or organizations at your college come up on the side of Facebook? To me, that is really weird and somewhat of an invasion of privacy, but when you are putting your information out on the internet I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect complete privacy.
    I don’t think Kinect is doing this, but as long as there are continued advancements in technology people will probably think there is some sort of “spying” going on.

  2. November 15, 2011 at 1:24 am

    I agree with the comment above that there are sometimes games that are mindless and do not benefit gamers in any way, however I also believe that the Wii and Kinect with Xbox do serve a purpose. The exercise and family orientated games provided by these two systems eliminate the notion of video games as antisocial and promoting laziness. I don’t believe that Microsoft is spying either, as I don’t think that they have much interest in the users of gaming systems. The argument that they are gathering information on consumers to sell to advertisers is more valid, as I think Microsoft would be more concerned with making more money rather than personal information that the government is interested in. However, if they have strict policies as you say, I wouldn’t worry about anything invasive going on. I’d say, game on.

  3. dj74
    November 16, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    Video games serve the purpose of creating a scapegoat for the mind when it becomes overloaded with information that it cannot all process at once, or when it needs a stress reliever. I will agree that many videogames do not have any educational purposes, however the very same games that people consistently deem as mindless allow for better hand-eye coordination as well as problem solving. However with the introduction of the Wii and Kinect, people are also becoming more physically active and possibly more family oriented, due to the vast array of multiplayer games. I’m not advocating that families simply stay at home and play Wii Sports instead playing REAL sports, but there is some benefit.

    On the topic of Microsoft spying on us through Kinect, I simply refuse to believe. If they truly wanted to spy on us it would most likely be through the computer which contains immensely more personal information than simply what game we like to play and when. Maybe analyzing our personal data will raise their revenue through advertisements, endorsements, and such, but I highly doubt they would want to watch a recording of children and adults swinging a controller back and forth.

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