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Spider Bites….Ouch!

This morning I woke up with a red mark that was itching really bad. I thought at first I had been bite by a mosquito but its winter time. So, I went and showed it to my dad and asked what he thought it could be. It’s a spider bite. Then, like the drama queen that I am I proclaimed that I was going to die! Okay, so I’m not gonna die but I did look up symptom of a spider bite. The problem is I didn’t know what kind of spider it was.

So my idea was to blog about spiders. There are more that 50,000 species in the arachnid family. That means spiders. The don’t purposely bite people just to eat us. They bite as a form of attack when they feel that they are in danger. It is hard to kill spiders using pesticides by spraying an area. Pesticides are really only effective if you spray the spider or its eggs directly.

Spider bites are using too small to see. The surrounding area alerts the human eye of the presence of a bite by swelling and turning red. Also, spider bites can hurt and/ or itch. (mine itches horribly). Finally, spiders generally don’t bite multiple times so if you get multiple bites its best to look for other insects whose bites have similar symptoms like fleas and ticks.

So despite all of this information on spiders. I just want to tell you that I still hate spiders and I refuse to change my dramatic proclamation. “I’m going to die!!!” Blame it on the spider

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  1. ms
    November 14, 2011 at 4:11 am

    After first moving into the GW dorms, I got bitten by what I thought were spiders every night consecutively for a week. After reading this post, I guess I was completely wrong…
    Not only was I bitten night after night within one square inch on my left forearm, but the bites were the size of dollar coins and were also inflamed and red. I’m now somewhat confused as to what was living in my bed before I got to school if not spiders..but luckily I rewashed all my sheets and sanitized my mattress protector after they got to be really painful. I haven’t experienced any bites since. If not spiders though…what could have bitten me..?

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