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Dr. You

A couple of weeks ago I was very sick with strep throat, it was very hard for me to handle this on my own since my mom usually takes care of me when I’m sick. I know that I described this in my post Pet Therapy, but I was thinking about this experience and how I got through it so easily. Although I felt very sick, I realized that I knew a lot of random things to help make me feel better, and my friends all contributed to the methods and tricks of how to get better. Some of these little remedies or health facts that I know are:

  • Drink Gatorade after you have had a fever to replenish your electrolytes
  • Take lots of zinc and vitamin C for your immune system
  • Drink tea with lots of honey to cure a sore throat
  • Gargle warm salt water for a sore throat
  • Drink lots and lots of fluids

There are many more also. I found this website that has a lot of these and other little home remedies, and it is interesting to learn not only what these remedies are, but why we use them.

I know that some of these seem like no-brainers, but isn’t the fact that these are no-brainers interesting? All of these things are scientific and health related, but we all know them because they are common knowledge. I remember there being some posts about how we are all scientists back in the beginning of the year when we were reading “Perspectives on the Nature of Science” and this event made me think about that. Just the fact that we know how to take care of ourselves when we’re sick means that we have some scientific knowledge.

What other cures do you know? What other random scientific facts do you know that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as being scientific?

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  1. November 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I was always one to just use medications, I have never been one to use the home remedies but rather going straight to the Dayquil. While this is not exactly a remedy I was always told to avoid dairy when sick because it just adds to the congestion. Right now my room mate is dealing with a case of mono, and none of us really know how to help her out. So we have just been going back to the classics of chicken noodle soup, tea, and making sure she can get enough sleep. WHile home remedies can help, and soup can make you feel better, there is still a point where you must go to the doctor, especially in cases like mono.

  2. November 13, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Oh right I forgot to mention that antibiotics are usually necessary in addition to the home remedies that we all use! 🙂

  3. November 14, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    I always related being sick to missing school, but not because I wasn’t physically able to go to school or because I would get others sick, but because when my mom could tell I wasn’t feeling well she would not let me go. It never dawned on me until high school that technically I could go to school if I was sick. This realization came to me when I had a huge test in high school but had a fever. I realized that I could take the test while being sick even though I wasn’t feeling completely normal. I guess this was just because my mom always made me stay home when she could tell I wasn’t feeling well or when I had a fever. I soon realized that I had to gauge my self and see whether I could go to school or not based on how I felt.
    On another note, Gatorade never worked for me because it had too much sugar in it and would just make my stomach upset while I was sick and had a fever. I was more of a tea guy, and I ate a lot of crackers as well.

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