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Keystone XL

So you may have seen the protest last weekend over at the White House or heard about the Keystone XL pipeline. Green GW participated in the protest so a lot of GW students were there among people from all over the country protesting the new plan to create a new oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas. It would be a 1,661 mile pipeline that cuts through a particularly sensitive area in Nebraska called the Sands Hill, which is a wetlands area that would be destroyed in the even of a spill. In testing there have already been 12 spills in one year. This area of the country that the pipeline would go through provides drinking water for 2 million americans. Refinement and extraction of these oils produce more greenhouse gasses than conventional oil.

This pipeline is an export pipeline, meaning that most of the oil will never come to the US but rather be shipped to other countries. The pipeline is meant to create jobs, but has been shown to create far fewer than previously estimated for the United States.

Last week Obama postponed the Keystone pipeline, his support was down and it was being used as a test of his environmental standpoint. Do you think Obama should have kept the plan going, or stopped it. or do you agree with him? Or maybe there is some way to change it?

This was from the protest, the fake pipeline that was created.

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  1. November 12, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    It doesn’t seem smart to continue the building of this pipeline for many reasons. From a geological standpoint, builders usually do not take into consideration all of the problems their plans would cause if built. In this case, I am sure these wetlands would greatly suffer from just the pipeline being built, let alone an oil spill.
    Economically it is probably not the best move based on the fact that recent plans to create jobs have not been as successful as initially thought.
    These kinds of products usually lead to big economic gains, but every once in awhile they can cause catastrophic damage to a surrounding area (gulf oil spill). I think that the postponement of this project was the right thing to do because maybe just this once policymakers are looking at the geological affects of such a big undertaking rather than making the cash.

  2. November 13, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I saw a couple headlines about this pipeline but I didn’t know what it was, thank you for posting this! I feel bad that I didn’t know about the pipeline because if I had, I definitely would’ve been protesting it too. Water is becoming a scarce resource, and it is a major global issue that many people are unaware of. I went on a backpacking trip in Utah for 3 weeks and learned about how much the Colorado and Green rivers have become smaller and less filled over the years. One of the main causes of this is all of the water exportation to desert areas such as Las Vegas. Las Vegas takes up a ton of energy to run because it is in the middle of a desert where there isn’t supposed to be anything like that city.
    If the area where the pipeline was supposed to be built was a resource of water, then it is very good news that its building has been postponed. I hope that the government can find a more environmentally conscious way to produce this oil.

  1. November 12, 2011 at 6:52 pm

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