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Is it really cheating?

The sports community has been hit hard lately by scandals of many sorts, but the one scandal that has been the most prominent is the use of steroids in sports. Steroids, specifically anabolic steroids, are frowned upon among the sports community because the drugs give athletes an advantage over other athletes. Steroids are drugs that act like the hormone testosterone in that it stimulates proteins within cells. The stimulation allows for cells to heal quicker and help build more cell tissue. This process helps athletes out more because of their rigorous activity. Athletes’ muscles break down by the amount of physical activity that they participate in, so many athletes take steroids to help their cells and tissues heal and rebuild quicker. But the main problem with this is when athletes take it to over the top and take it to increase both muscle mass and strength.

Some people argue that steroids really do not give athletes an advantage over others because steroids don’t improve actual athletic ability. In this article, Dr. Gupta said that, “They’re not going to help with your eyesight. They’re not going to help you hit the ball. They’ll help you hit the ball a little farther.” He states that although it may help a little bit with the results, it still takes an true athlete to play a sport and play it well. Athletes need true athletic ability to play a sport, especially at the major league level, and that steroids just help improve their results, so technically steroids aren’t cheating.

I believe that steroids help athletes cheat. Athletes work as hard as they can all the time to try and maximize their ability in their sport. Its not fair to the athletes who play with integrity and work naturally to try and compete with people who take drugs that allow them to improve at a much faster rate and even reach abilities that they might not have possibly been able to reach without the hormones. It takes spots away from the people that truly deserve the chance to play at a higher level, and I applaud all sports for trying to get rid of steroids in professional sports. It gives sports a negative public image, and I hope that someday sports will be able to lose the image.

What do you guys think? Do you believe that steroids help athletes and they should be banned? Or do you think that they just help improve results, and that it takes a true athlete to make those results happen?

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  1. November 12, 2011 at 6:31 am

    I definitley believe that steroids count as cheating. I understand that they can be used to help the replenish tissue that is lost but thats a medical issue. Meaning they should only be taken when a serious injury has occurred and they have been prescribed by a doctor. They shouldn’t be taken for no reason. The statement from Dr. Gupta doesn’t even make sense. Improving results by “making you hit the ball farther” is an improvement to athletic ability! Its not fair for players not on steroids to go against players who aren’t. They should be banned!

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