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So you have all probably heard about Mythbusters. The Discovery Channel show that takes common myths, or misconceptions, and tests them to see if there is any basis for truth in them. If the myths are false they then test to see what it actually takes to produce the results that are expected to occur out of the myth. There is also the plausible option, where there is a part of the myth that is true but not all of it is so therefore the whole myth can not be seen as confirmed.

They test the common household myths that everyone has heard such as, “you can not teach an old dog a new trick” well it turns out you can, or using tomato to get rid of skunk smell, which is plausible but not the best option, use hydrogen peroxide instead. They also test myths that are created out of movies or viral videos, like holding on to the roof of a speeding car which was busted or can you really freeze your tongue to a metal poll in the winter like in a Christmas Story? Confirmed, stay away from that one.

There is a lot of science behind what they do in the Mythbusters do, but they also create show that is entertaining to watch. What is your favorite myth? Were you ever surprised by an outcome?

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  1. November 11, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    My favorite myth was the paper crossbow myth. When they said “don’t try this at home” I already built several paper crossbows (I was a weird little fella) before the episode came out so it was fun to watch.

    I noticed how their paper crossbows looked, and how they worked; and I realized that mine are better in terms of quality, function, and power. Then again, they only had prison materials to work with, whereas I had household materials and a blow torch.

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