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Science vs. Ghosts

I was reading the post below and was reminded of an article I had read a few days ago and figured I would share in the holiday spirit. The article from the comedy website Cracked.com, takes 6 tricks played on or by kids that are usually explained as being somehow related to some paranormal activity, but here they use science to explain them. Perhaps the most relevant is the section on Ouija boards, most people have used one at some point or another, in some dark room during a middle school sleep over. The concept is simple, the spirits are the ones moving the tiles, or at least that’s what you want to believe, but for the most part you believe there’s one kid there pushing and pulling, making everyone else freak out when it spells out the name of that guy why sits in front of you during third period math class. But in reality neither is the case, it turns out you are the one moving, you just don’t realize it; your subconscious created answer to the given question and moves the tile accordingly, only when there are 4 or 5 people moving it at once it creates the feeling that you are having no effect on the movement and therefore it must be the supernatural. But hey that’s just one website’s explanation, give the article a read (its pretty funny) and sound off in the comments, is it science or is your dead cat trying to tell you something.

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