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Scientists or Professional Scammers?

This morning I came across a very interesting video from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The segment is called Scientists: Scamming America. While watching this video, my attention was brought back to the discussions that took place in class at the beginning of the semester about the validity of science information in todays society. Many of us posed the question “if science is supposed to be the only thing that can be proven, we should be able to trust its results right?” I’m pretty sure that most of agree that the answer to that question is “no”. Professor Myers has given us more than enough readings (Perspectives on the Nature of Science and Scientists, Journalists and the Meaning of Uncertainty) that prove that we should not believe every bit of scientific information that is broadcasted to the public.

This video backs that same idea up in a rather comical way. (I suggest that you take a look at it below or click here, you’ll enjoy it) It questions things whether global warming is actually taking place, in evolution rally explains when humans inhabit the earth and if modern medicine is actually helping our bodies. Overall, it questions whether scientists are really trying to help the environment and the human race or if they’re trying only trying to get more money to fund their projects.

Some would say that this is just a segment in which Jon Stewart makes a complete fool of himself to try to prove a point and even though I agree he’s making a fool of himself, as he usually does, I can’t help but feel like some of things he and his guests are blabbering about actually makes sense, such as their overall purpose to show that science isn’t perfect and has holes in it, which makes it untrustworthy to a certain extent. Science is a very vital part of a society’s development but can we really trust whats going on behind closed lab doors if we aren’t there to witness it ourselves? What do you guys think about the video and the matter its trying to touch on?

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  1. Laura Orella
    October 30, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    As I love the Daily Show I had seen this clip. While the clip seems sarcastic and silly they get their point across, that the other side to their argument has some flaws. The way that they argue this is never in a formal manner, this is not a formal news show so it is to be expected. While it may nor seem very official the points that it makes are valid, that scientists should be the only ones to judge the validity of climate change, not politicians but the ones actually in the field studying it. They point out that children should be taught things based in fact, not what the people in that area think the children should be taught. This comes up with the issues of climate change and evolution, which to me it seems like it has been an argument for way too long. Children are taught evolution in schools, but can be taught otherwise at home if it is against the belief system.

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