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Seven Billion, and counting…

I remember back when I was in first grade, a kid in catholic school, in a school uniform. Blue shirt, navy pants and tie… cute huh? I remembered that a priest came into my class to speak about world population. He asked us to guess how many people there on on Earth. We threw out random numbers. “100?” “One million gajillion?” “10?”. “Close” he replied. “The answer is six billiont.” He spoke funny when he said “billion”. He added the “t” at the end. “There are six billion people on Earth, and there’s gonna be more.”

Just two months ago, the world population was 6.9 billion, plus or minus .1 million. And just a few days ago, the world population has hit Seven Billion. It’s quite scary to think that the world population grew by one billion in ten years. Just imagine how bad it’s going to be when we’re in our 50s. Better horde the Soylent Green.

Many scientists believe that many of the world problem that we face today, depleting resources, famine, war, disease, rising cost of living, global warming (if you believe it’s real), pollution, can all be mitigated when the world population is under control.

My questions for the readers are:

1) What do you think about the fact that the Earth is now home to seven billion human beings?

2) Can the world population be controlled through humane methods? Or must we sacrifice our civil  and individual liberties?

Feel free to share your other thoughts.

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  1. October 26, 2011 at 2:10 am

    1) I think that it’s crazy. I can’t grasp the idea of 7 billion things all in one place. I can’t visualize 7 billion things. I think that we need to utilize the natural resources we have more efficiently if we are going to be able to provide everyone with a reasonable standard of living.

    2) I think it is true that if there were fewer people in the world that many of the problems would less of an issue, but I also believe that there is a problem with the ideology of many people today that more is better. Growth and expansion is a fundamental aspect to capitalism and or profession is not exactly being done in the most efficient way. I believe that it is possible to supply the world with clean water and sufficient, nutritious food, but only if we go about changing the way we live to be more sustainable. I don’t believe that the majority of people would be willing to give up their individual rights about how many children they can have, so personally, I would not even consider that an option. We are not big on altruism, or having our rights infringed. I think that if there was a norm to have smaller families that could work, but I imagine it would take a very long time for that norm to stick and be internalized. I’m not sure how to fix all the problems of the world but it is clear to me that the programs and institutions in place must continue to work and progress themselves in order to better the world.

  2. October 31, 2011 at 1:52 am

    1) I think it’s insane that that many people can survive on one planet. I mean we are bound to run out of resources eventually. I think if we want to fully survive we are gonna need to start stabilizing areas that were previously inhabitable so that we have space for everyone. We need to work on building technology so that humans can survive in the hot deserts or in the frigid arctic.

    2)I also think that the world will self correct itself. As bad as it is, if things get to there worst the world will cause a natural disaster to lower the population. Or it may wipe us all out entirely and the evolutionary process will begin away. Either way I do not think it will be up to us to fix this problem and hope that no one tries to commit genocide to fix it. It will be quite interesting to see what happens as this planet gets more and more overfilled.

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