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It’s Official…

I was browsing through the Washington Post’s website and stumbled across a headline that read “The Scientific Finding that Settles the Climate Change Debate”. The article is about a respected physicist named Richard Muller who used to scoff at climate change theories which he thought to be hyped up by the media. However, now the joke is on him as he claims that “Global warming is real.” Muller and his research team discovered that since the mid 1950’s, the average land temperature has increased by 1.8 degrees Farenheit. Muller refuted all theories that downplayed global warming or theories claiming it could be reversed by a “cooling trend.”

Of course, this article being in the Post, author Eugene Robinson went on to connect this information with politicians’ views of global warming, specifically Republican candidates for Presidential elections. The article reads, “They may concede that warming is taking place, but they call it a natural phenomenon and deny that human activity is the cause.” Muller’s claim is a very big deal because he is so well-respected and there is now proof that we can trust the theories that humans are causing global warming with the burning of fossil fuels.

I don’t know about you, but I was a little bit shocked to read this article because I had been believing this fact ever since I saw An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Maybe it’s because I come from homogeneous, intensely liberal area of the country but I thought we were over the whole “is global warming actually occurring” debate. However, I’m very glad that this debate could be coming to a close, and I’m hopeful that this might create some societal change to help improve the issue of global warming.

I thought this article was interesting in how it connected science to media and even politics. The blog post closes with the line, “It is the know-nothing politicians — not scientists — who are committing an unforgivable fraud.” The middle man between both of those groups is the media, and this article is a perfect example of how the three work together to inform (or misinform) the public.

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  1. October 26, 2011 at 3:27 am

    I agree, I had never thought of global warming as a question. I had always heard people say it did not exist, but I thought that was people who were contradicting it due to the term global warming, and that certain areas closer to the equator had cooled. So I figured the term global climate change would be accepted by all. But it is not. I have always heard the political parties go back and forth but I questioned why some one wouldn’t want to help the environment, or why it was not obvious that the way we use the earth is not exactly health for it.
    However, the other day we got in a discussion in a room down the hall. She does not believe in global warming and says it is all a part of the “liberal media” trying to corrupt us. In her mind it is the biggest joke that so much of the country believes in global warming. This is the same girl who when we were talking about the gulf coast oil spill said “drill baby drill” as the plan, keep drilling rather than stopping. She comes from a conservative family in Pennsylvania and watches nothing but Fox news. My mom is democratic but my father does not vote, but I am from Seattle, a very blue area. So while we are good friends, our ideas on this as well as other political ideas do not go well together.
    I think a big problem with this issue is that the media is so bias against or for this issue so it is not reported scientifically, but rather politically. The general public is looking to the politicians as experts in this field instead of the scientists. This is making it so that the public does not hear the whole story but hears the side of whatever political party they support

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