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Playing House

I was just reading a post about the relationship between cell phones and cancer and it got me thinking about yet another of my assignments from my biology class. This time, the assignment was to look at information about a mystery disease that caused heart, lung, kidney and liver necrosis (that is the tissue from each of those organs began to die off). The professor said that the cause of death for the patients was hypoxia (a lack of oxygen). Our job was to look at information about the concentrations of certain molecules used in cellular respiration and report about what they did in the body and what conclusions we could determine based on the information and what that meant for the process of cellular respiration.

Even though this sounds like a lot, the first thing that came to mind was the show House, MD.

While researching the different molecules and trying to figure out how they corresponded to one another as well as how they related to the information that was discovered during the autopsies of the patients made me feel like I was trying to diagnose s rare and deadly disease, and on some level I was. But that got me thinking about how shows about medicine are all dramatized in comparison with the real medical profession. And while I’m pretty sure that’s true of all TV shows involving real profession, I’m wondering how much.

So tell me, how much do you think TV skews the reality of being a professional such as a lawyer or doctor? Is it a bad thing that shows like Law and Order or House, MD. are so dramatized? And what do you think people who are inspired to become doctors or lawyer based on shows like these will discover and will they most likely end up looking at different careers?

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