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I Don’t Know What To Do!!!

As I am sitting here wondering what to write about in this blog post I came across a blog post about the pitch we are to give tomorrow and while I am equally undecided about what to focus on that isn’t what caught my attention. it was the idea of indecision. A couple weeks ago we discussed why people procrastinate. Now I wonder what makes us unable to commit to certain ideas or actions. Why do we get stuck when we have to choose between two or more ideas or objects? So I looked an article about psychological analysis of indecisiveness. I found that….it was an absolute waste of time. The article discussed what we already know about indecisiveness but basically said that “the scientific literature on indecisiveness is rather limited. Indeed, even a clear definition of indecisiveness is lacking…”(Rassin).


So my question is how would you define indecisiveness? Why do you think people are so indecisive? and more importantly, is there away for me to fix it, like now?!

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  1. October 24, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    I think that – especially here at school – indecisiveness can occur when there are so many things going on around you that you can’t pick one or two to do. Sometimes the only way to fix that is to just jump in to something at the beginning. But as far as work goes, I know I get indecisive because I do most of my work on my computer, which has facebook, youtube, and sports all on it as well.
    It took me a long time to come up with my pitch too because out of all the websites out there I couldn’t just pick one thing that looked cool to talk about it. I had to end up combining to web pages into one topic, which was a little confusing.
    I know I tried to fix my indecisiveness by buying a planner and trying to become more organized. I think being unorganized and indecisive can sometimes – not always – go hand in hand!

  2. October 25, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    I was recently listening to a very interesting Radio Lab on choice which brought up some enlightening points. According to Jad and Robert’s interviews, the main determinants in indecisiveness are abundance of options and the struggle between the emotional and logical brain. In theory, the human mind can only direct its attention to seven things at any given time (plus or minus two). Our brains synthesize information in such a way that working memory (our internal monologues, the factors that we actively manipulate and conceptualize) can only hold 5-9 items. Everything else is either dropped out of the consciousness or stored into long term memory for later retrieval if deemed important enough. So when we have, such a with this blog, innumerable options, our brains can’t always handle that level of autonomy and vacillate upon these choices indefinitely. What usually makes us decide, is that “gut feeling”. They use the example of choosing cereal at the grocer’s. There’s a huge aisle, filled with all kinds of cereals at various prices, nutritional values, flavors, textures, and thousands of other variables. If we went about our decisions in a completely logical manner (as one case study with a brain tumor that shut down their “emotional brain”) did, you would never accomplish anything. It’s the dialogue between the emotional and logical sides of our brains that allow us to come to these choices. Somewhere along that cereal aisle, your brain goes “hey, Cheerios. I feel like Cheerios.” And boom, job done. I’m not sure how helpful this is to your predicament, but I hope it was at least entertaining.

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