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A Dim Future

Me and my brother always used to talk about how if the internet went down or we ran out of power, our country would be screwed. As I was doing research for our pitches, I was reminded of these talks as the articles talked about over reliance on technology. Think about it though, what if one day our power grids were all overloaded and fails or we just run out of oil. Then our nation is basically screwed. We do all of our filing on computers, all of peoples banking records are on computers, our government is basically run through computers. A majority of our communications is run through electronics. What would we do? Do a majority of people even know how to survive without electronics these days? I think that we should start learning about some of the skills that are grandfathers were raised with, because as new and exciting technologies are introduced to the public it is going to be harder and harder to survive without them. I remember in high school we had an assignment where we were asked to refrain from using any computer or electronics for 72 hours. For most people it was really hard. It was all around us and it was hard to not stay away from it. Another thing that we found was that we had no idea what to do with our time. There was no tv no facebook, no cellphones, no twitter. We were all quite bored. This experiment was a really good eye opener on how much technology we rely on as a society. When it comes down to it, I think we should all keep in mind that one day, all of the technology that we rely on will be gone.


Now any suggestions on what we should do as a nation to prepare for a disaster as such? Should we keep backup files on paper or just hope that everything will figure itself out?

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  1. October 24, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    I agree with you in the sense that we should learn more activities of the past and not rely so heavily on technology for every day life. I think that the chances of having a worldwide power outage – though conceivable – would be high unlikely. Nowadays governments and companies have back-up generators, and back-ups to those back-ups, and then they have more back-ups. It’s true that a lot of information could be lost, but people are willing to take that chance if in return they gett accessibility to information that generations before us could never imagine. I’m not sure if this is a good trade, but no catastrophic loss of data has happened yet, and I think it would take a lot for a power outage to set a whole society back.

  2. dj74
    October 28, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    This was the premise of the movie “Live Free, or Die Hard”, which I believe almost depicts what would happen if everything went dim. I agree with the point that we have back-ups and relief plans for years but that doesn’t mean there is that small chance that it could still happen…then what? Although it is true that we rely very heavily on technology, one has to admit that it enhances quality of life and performs essential tasks that humans are not physically capable of doing themselves. But if we resorted back to functioning and living the way our great ancestors did, we would be stinting the natural progression of life. Evolution is what maintains a society, which is generally fueled by the human capacity for curiosity (or laziness). Although we rely on technology a lot, it is essential for the continuity of life.

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