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Pyramid or Plate?

Remember the food pyramid? I thought I would bring this up with the lack of nutrition we all get here. I am lucky to get two real meals a day, and I doubt they are what is nutritionally correct for me. But remember what we all learned back in elementary school? This thing?

It was really simple and everyone knew it back then. Well it has changed to this.

This was the far more complicated one that came out around the sixth grade. It actually was personalized to you rather than being standardized to everyone. Then it changed to this one, a plate rather than a pyramid.

So with all the changes in the food pyramid, and now plate how do you keep track? I did not even know that it had become a plate until I decided to write this post.  Each time the government decides to change it they try to make it easy for people to realize what they should be eating. But do any of you get the right proportions in every meal? I know my mac and cheese does not come with a serving of veggies and a glass of milk, and most of the time I am just too cheep or lazy to make a real meal.  I can’t help but notice the college necessities of coffee, easy mac, cereal, and  basically any cheap junk food does not exactly fill the categories in the plate. This makes me wonder, are any of us getting the right amounts, or does it seem like this is unrealistic for college? Is there one of these that seems more realistic than another?

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  1. October 23, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    My whole life I grew up to people telling me I had to eat healthy. My mom would make sure for dinner we always had vegetables and a glass of milk. She would make me eat all of the vegetables, even if I hated them. Now on my own I know I am not eating enough veggies, or getting enough protein. I am aware of this most of the time and try to eat better. But it is just really difficult. The Freshman 15 happens because of a college student’s diet. One thing we could do is try to get one good solid meal in a day. If you go to J Street maybe get a salad, or instead of getting pizza get the fresh cooked pasta and add some meat and veggies to it. To top it off, buy milk instead of getting a fountain drink. I think by starting small it will help us stay healthy and keep us closer to our recommended nutritional values.

  2. October 23, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    I have two points I’d like to make:

    1. It’s fine if the government wants to try to tell us how to eat. If it makes people who work down the street from our university’s campus happy do draw charts and diagrams, that’s fine with me. But in reality, every person is different. Our bodies all function differently, and we all need different amount of nutrients to survive. There is no set number, no distinct measurement that all Americans should be expected or encouraged to abide by: because of the nature of all being born into different bodies, we all have different needs. It seems silly that we are all encouraged to conform to the same eating standards. The proportions of how much dairy v. how much wheat we all eat is simply not the same for everyone, because of various exercise factors, location factors, etc.

    2. In regards to getting a proper and full diet at college, my opinion is this: sure, eating healthy at college is much more difficult than it was at home. The one word to solve all of our eating issues is this: moderation. As in life, the key to a good diet is to make sure we take everything in moderation. I think if we do that, and recognize that having sushi every day for breakfast and lunch and dinner is simply not a viable option, we will be fine. There are definitely healthy options on campus. We just have to search for them a little bit more, and realize that we have to search for that variety and to eat everything in moderation. Sushi is fine for lunch…once or twice a week. Whole Foods is expensive, but it provides for a healthy diet.

    Don’t give up!

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