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Panda Poop, Again!

Everyone should remember when our required reading for class was about Panda poop. Honestly at first I thought it was a joke, but then after reading into it I recognized why Prof. Myers wanted us to read that particular article. It talked about how one of the main issues in science is comparing results from one experiment to another. To effectively compare results you need to use similar methods. Ha! I never thought I would learn that much from Panda poop!

Well as it turns out scientists can learn a lot more from panda poop then just their numbers in the wild. Panda poop has also allowed scientists to understand how pandas can survive off of just bamboo. Pandas have the anatomical set up of one of a carnivore, not an herbivore. Herbivores usually have a longer intestine then carnivore. This longer intestine helps the animal break down plant materials better. Well the panda eats 99 percent bamboo but does not have a longer intestine, so how does it digest the bamboo? In the panda poop researches found bacteria’s that help aid the digestion of the cellulose in plants. And over half of the 13 found bacteria’s are unique only to Pandas!

Do you think we will continue to find uses for panda poop? What do you guys think of researchers using panda poop? Is it gross, is it cool, is it both?

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