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Transgendered People

There was an article on CNN a few weeks ago that brings to light the problems suffered by transgendered people. They are people who feel like they are born in the wrong body, that they should be the opposite gender.

The article says that the parents and doctors know that the kids are transgendered because they do things that a person of the opposite sex generally does, or that they currently identify with the opposite sex. Do you guys think that that is a reasonable basis for determining that someone is transgendered? Or are they merely going through a phase? Or do they just like to do things that are traditionally oriented towards the opposite sex?

I personally do know a transgendered person. I’m not going to give any names or birth sexual assignment to protect this person’s identity, but lets call this person, Nissan GTR. Nissan GTR acts like a member of his/her own gender. If this person did not tell you he/she is transgendered, you would never know. Everything that this person does. The way Nissan GTR walks, talks are all traditionally characteristic of this person’s sex. Even this person’s hobbies are all characteristic of this person’s sex. However, Nissan GTR admitted to me and a few other mutual friends that this person is transgendered. Though Nissan GTR came out two years ago, we’re all still friends to this day.

So, the article is not entirely accurate in my opinion. What do you guys think? Do you have an opinion on this issue? As positive or negative as it may be, please share.

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  1. ms
    October 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    First off, hahahah to your friend’s pseudonym. But really, in my opinion, it’s honestly sad to see these people lead what I almost considered to be ‘double lives.’ Your friend should be able to act according to the gender they truly believe they are, not the one that society and their environment dictates is appropriate according to their demeanor. I completely understand where your friend is coming from in that he/she would rather live their life without judgement, but if they are absolutely sure of their gender, it makes most sense to me to slowly transition into that new persona.

  2. October 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    I agree that it is sad that they have to either change completely or face even more social stigma. It is strange that people will treat them differently after they find out that an individual is transgender, even though nothing about them has changed and they still carry all of the characteristics of that sex.
    For my abnormal psychology class we had to do a paper on transsexuality. It was on whether or not it should be considered a mental disorder in the DSM (giant book of disorders in psychology.) Basically since it creates a social stigma there is a high rate of comorbidity, where the patient has another disorder as well. Depression and anxiety are the most common ones that go along with transsexuality, but those are mostly caused by the social reaction not the transsexuality its self. Another part was that transsexuals have a higher rate for drugs abuse, dropping out of school, alcohol abuse, and prostitution. However this is because families and friends often abandon transsexuals, especially during their adolescence and they are left in environments that are not as safe. Also, the DSM says that a mental disorder must cause distress or disability. While transsexuality is very hard for children and teenagers, most adults go on to live perfectly normal lives.
    I said that it should not be categorized as a disorder, that putting transsexuality as a disorder only adds to the social stigma against them. What do you think?

  3. October 23, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    I personally do consider it a disorder. However, it’s not one that harms anyone so therefore, they should be able to live the way they wish to live.

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