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Aristotle, Homosexuality, and Population

Aristotle once said that homosexuality is bad because it wastes time. It does not produce anything of value, therefore people with homosexual tendencies should not participate in homosexual activities.

My AP Environmental Science teacher, Dr. Blackwell from Francis Lewis High School and Williams College, once told me that under lab conditions, when mice in a fixed container reach a certain number, many of them will “turn” gay. And more mice are born gay under overpopulation. This is a natural tactic used by many mammals to control the size of the population and to conserve resources.

The population of humans is likely to reach 7 billion any day now. Our resources are quickly depleting, and we’re only making it worse by defiling our planet. Perhaps this is the reason why there are many more homosexuals today.

Another possibility for this is that homosexuals are becoming more accepted by today’s society and that more of them are living their lives more openly.

What do you think?

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  1. October 22, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    I went to high school in Texas, where many people still believe that being gay is wrong. Two of my best friends from high school are gay and it took courage for them to admit it. One of the reasons they did finally come forth and let everyone know they were gay was because the rest of the United States is becoming aware that it isn’t wrong to be gay.

    Also I went to the spy museum today, which was AWESOME! I suggest you all go if you have not already. But there was a short clip about this man who was blackmailed into becoming a spy a while back. Someone had found out that he was gay and threatened him with that information. I feel like this shows how in the past people were not as open about their sexuality, so comparing numbers of homosexuals from the past to present day is not very accurate.

  2. October 22, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Its kinda funny you say this, because recently i just watched a comedy clip on youtube by the comedian Russle Peters who said something along the same lines. I guess Aristotle is wrong this time, homosexuality does have a big value on the world. I find what you said about the mice very interesting,however I don’t think people just “turn” gay, I believe in the fact that people are born “gay”.
    I think homosexuality helps our growing population, but I don’t think it is the reason for it. I feel that throughout history there have had to be many homosexuals out there except they weren’t as open about it because they felt oppressed by society. Since society is so accepting today we think that in this day and age we have many homosexuals, but infact i believe that there were just as many before but socity surpessed them and therefore they could not practice their sexuality. So i don’t think the fact that the resources are depleating is the cause of homosexuality. Infact i think homosexuality is innate. But these are just my views.

  3. October 23, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    I think the study about the mice that you mention is extremely intriguing as I’ve never heard of any studies of that sort before. It makes logical sense that the mice would “turn gay” to prevent over-population, so it’s an interesting idea that that theory could apply to humans as well. I’m not sure if I believe that is the reason for increased homosexuality in today’s society, as I think increased acceptance has led more homosexuals to come out with their sexuality, but I think it would be an interesting study to continue.

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