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Fake Life of Real-Life TV Dramas

I went to the symposium called “The Fake Life of Real-Life TV Dramas.” I was drawn to it because it was something I know about. I have spent way too many hours watching TV, I own the seasons of Sex and the City and Greys Anatomy. Throughout the whole discussion I knew the episodes and context of everything the girls were talking about. This is much different than what happens in class. I don’t know every scientific discovery and I can barely follow along when the scientific parts are brought up. But this was something I knew. When one of the girls was making her comparisons between the stilettos and scrubs, I knew the scene. The comparison from cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw I remember watching over popcorn with a friend. I couldn’t help but wonder if these girls were in classes that made it easier to relate prompts to something they enjoy, or were they just better at making the connections? How could I make a science prompt into something that I actually liked?

Another point that was brought up was that one of the girls, who wrote “The Modern Unattainable Fairytale of Sex and the City” said that she rewrote her whole essay. She switched sides, switching from believing completely that the women of Sex and the City were empowered to them being just anther group of women stuck in a patriarchal world.  I wondered if there really is no point where you can’t start over, or is there a line that you cross and have to commit to that point of view?

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