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Crop Circles: What Causes Them?

Senior year of high school I took an astronomy class and one topic we covered a lot was crop circles. Summarizing Wikipedia’s definition, crop circles are flatten crops that create a pattern. The cause of the these intricate designs in farmers’ fields is up for debate. Some people believe that it is just humans doing it in the middle of the night with a simple technique of using a piece of wood and rope to flatten the crops. Others believe crop circles could be extraterrestrial life trying to contact and/or communicate with us humans on Earth. There is no scientific proof that it is indeed aliens from outer space but at the same time there are many massive crop circles that have been reported all over the world that have no explanation. The following videos found on YouTube, show the two sides of this argument.

This first video shows two men who claim they made many crop circles in their time.

This second video supports the idea that crop circles are not a hoax.

I believe the first side shows the more “sciency,” realistic side of the argument. There is no proof aliens existence and if men are admitting they created this hoax, why not believe that? The other video shows that aliens could in fact exist and are creating these circles. For me, this seems unrealistic. There is not proof or evidence, just a blurry video that cannot not truly be deciphered. Now I don’t know what the correct answer is, but i do not think it is extraterrestrial life. I am too logical to think something like that exists, yet it boggles my mind how some of the crop circles came to be. So now I ask you, where do you think crop circles come from? And is there any science behind it? Could the extraterrestrial life be considered science?


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  1. dj74
    October 14, 2011 at 3:25 am

    I will not lie and say that I have an explanation for the crop circles that have been appearing on large fields, but I also do not want to believe that the only life forms in existence reside on Earth. I have done research (yes, that does include the History, Natural Geographic, and Discovery Channels) on space before, and the majority of astrophysicists have come to the consensus that there are in fact multiple universes, aside from our own, in existence. However, these universes are too far away for our technology to record and analyze. I am getting a little off the topic of your posed questions but back to the videos; I do believe that people can format and create perfect circles (we do after all have touch screen computers now), but I wouldn’t completely rule out the slight, even 1% possibility, that our planet at some point in time has been touched by an intelligent extraterrestrial organism.

  2. October 17, 2011 at 1:19 am

    I want an answer to this question, why is it than in a society that is constantly demanding better quality filming, High-Definition and Blu-Ray, that everyone who claims to have seen the LochNess Monster, or Big Foot, or a UFO always has cruddy footage? Coincidence…I think not! I will not say that there are no alien life forms out there in the “final frontier” that is space, but I’m not sure if they are responsible for the crop circles. If extraterrestrial life were to contact us, you would think that they would at least try and communicate in a more sensible way, not through random geometric shapes in the ground; therefore, I would have to agree that the first video appears to be more scientific and has a better, more plausible explanation of how the circles were formed.

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