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Who do YOU trust more?

This past week for class we read the article “Scientists, Journalists, and the Meaning of Uncertainty” and it got me thinking about whom I really do trust more. In the article, Dunwoody discusses the relationship between scientists and science journalists, and how it is essentially a power struggle between the two fields. So I began to wonder who I really trusted more. It seems to me that my knee-jerk response would be scientists but after a little bit of thought I began to second-guess myself. Naturally there are a lot more examples of journalists in general being caught adjusting a story to better fit their agenda, or the agenda of their company (coughfoxnewscoughcough), but yet the same could be said for scientists. Scientific misconduct as it is referred to in the scientific world, is sadly a very pertinent issue in the world of scientific research. Many scientist work for big companies, and often times those big companies don’t want negative press, so naturally they will twist and turn the data to best suit their needs even if it means forcing the scientists to compromise their data, they are the ones who pay bills so they believe that this gives them the power to compromise  the integrity of the entire field.  This article regarding scientific misconduct presents a number of examples of violations this unwritten code of ethics, some regarding modern issues and others dating back hundreds of years.

Sure I could present you with case after case of scientists and journalists falsifying data, but in all really it is a personal conclusion, which I would love for you guys to share. Also why you believe what you believe would be helpful!


P.S. The fox news link isn’t to start a political debate, it’s just there for a good laugh.

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