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Tea or Coffee? Which is healthier?

While we are discussing sleep, lack of sleep, and ways to stay awake I thought I would bring up which way is better tea or coffee? While I drink non-caffinated tea I love coffee. I remember reading this article in Men’s Journal (I get the mail from the guy who used to live in my Thurston room, why not read it?) and it talks about the benefits of coffee vs tea for your caffeine addiction here.

Apparently people believe tea is better for them so they drink it over coffee but that may not be the case. Coffee beats tea in the caffeine and antioxidant amount, which has been proven to prevent some cardiovascular diseases. Also research shows that coffee may prevent Alzheimer’s. So it seems while tea may feel like the healthier alternative, coffee really is, until you add all the milk and flavorings at Starbucks that add the calories. Which do you prefer?

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  1. October 16, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    What’s with all the Tea and Coffee posts these days? Oh wells, it doesn’t matter. I love the topic.

    I remember reading about an experiment done by two prisoners. One only drank coffee and one only drank tea for the rest of their lives. The one who drank coffee lived longer. Of course, this experiment is full of things that no one took into account. And the sample size is way to small to eliminate outliers. Last but not least, no one is sure whether or not this really happened, but we should definitely try it.

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