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Are We At Risk?

In the blog we keep bringing up the problems that our lack of sleep may be causing us. But what about the other health risks of college? The bad food causing the infamous freshman fifteen. The insane stress of classes, being away from home for the first time and leaving friends and family behind to make new friends. As well as drinking, though I am sure we all won’t encounter that one till senior year, being under age and all right guys…? Plus we all know that people don’t stay in the long term relationships that were so important to them in high school, relationships have become much different since the entrance to college and they don’t involve a big plan for the future. You all know that this place is a breeding ground for sickness, the Thurston Plague that has been going around since September is bound to claim everyone, even those on the Vern. The close quarters and the conditions we are in are not ideal for health. This blog post brings up other health risks of our next four years.

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  1. October 8, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    Its funny, Its funny to think how we’re so invincible yet so beyond vulereable in this stage of our lives. Theres so much that can hurt us phsyically,mentally and emotionally yet we still stand strong and go on with our day. This past weekend, my roomate who I is my best friend at this school dislocated her knee cap. She came home from a retreat in a lot of pain, crying and I felt like i was her only help. Me, not knowing about knees took her to the emergency room and waited for her to get examined. She’s doing well now, she’s on crutches but this just goes to show you how our life is all we really have. She’s a dancer and she’s devistated at the fact that she has to lay low because of the injury but in college injuries and sickness are simply not affordable. Going back to my thought on us college students being so invicible yet vulerable, I think it has to do with the age we are in. We love adventure, we love people, sociallizing, we need to keep up with work , we need to to well to stay here, we need to eat that food, we need to party to keep us some what sane and we need to leave home and grow up. With all of this in mind, is it not obvious that we are the most invincible people around. we go through all of this, we endear all of this pain, yet we keep smiles on our faces and go on with the day . Life is so strange like that. College life is even stranger. So Take Care.

  2. October 9, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Reading your story I kept thinking it sounded oddly familiar, down to every detail. If your room mate got hurt on the College Democrats trip this last weekend I was the one helping her hobble back to your dorm, carrying her stuff. This last weekend, she was not the only one to get hurt, but the one to get hurt the worst. Put a bunch of college students in a gymnastics gym and we are bound to get hurt. As you said we are in that time where we still feel invincible like a child, but have hit the age where we get hurt like an adult. This is what everyone realized. Trampolines and foam pits are great but the five year old who’s mom ran the place had way more stamina than us, and did not care if he got hurt. We got exhausted and would do dumb stunts. However there was a part, a small part of us that wold realize at the last moment that this was gonna hurt.
    Seems like a crazy coincidence if that is you, if not there are way too many hurt people, but I can not be the only one noticing how many people are in casts, braces, or crutches, I was among them earlier this year. I never saw that many injuries back in high school, or even in my home town. What about college makes it so everyone is injured so often?

  3. October 10, 2011 at 12:14 am

    I’ve caught the Thurston bug and at the same time I’ve been dealing with allergies I’ve never had before. From what I can tell, the biggest problem is that most of us are making huge adjustments to our life style. I’m used to living in a home with 5 people total, but now I’m living in a dorm room with 3 other people and many more people living in the same building.
    Being in contact with so many people at all times is something I’m not used to, so it was pretty easy for me to become sick. I’m also living in another part of the country with different allergens which, for me, means a lot more allergies. This all, combined with less sleep and less restful sleep than at home, can make for a tough time adjusting to college life. However, soon enough I’m confident I’ll be able to adjust nicely. We’re just prone to more problems like these during a major adjustment like the adjustment from home life to college life.

  4. October 10, 2011 at 1:41 am

    I feel like it has been weeks I’ve been sick. My roommates and I all have the dreaded flu that never seems to end. The only thing we have to say is “welcome to college”. It’s definitely true that being in such a close proximity with so many other college students make us more susceptible to illnesses. Even though its hard I think all we have to do is build up a stronger immune system which can definitely be done by vitamins. Personally as soon as I get over this flu I’ll be stocking up on Vitamin C and Zinc.

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