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New Technologies in the World Trade Center

We all remember 9/11 and each have our own memories of it. Rising out of the ashes of the traumatic event is a newer and more environmental friendly world trade center.

The new World Trade Center in New York is attempting to become LEED Gold certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This means the building is going to employ some of the newest energy saving technologies. There are actually a few buildings here on campus which are LEED certified.

 The building is going to use super clear glass that will allow for the maximum amount of natural lighting, and when the natural light is plenty the lights in the building will automatically dim. When the clouds are out or when the sun just isn’t shining the World trade center will use hydrogen cells and steam turbines to provide the electricity.

The building is also planning on using its water resources efficiently. The average rainfall in NY is 60 inches of rain. This rainfall will be collected and used for watering plants around the complex, as well as to be used in their evaporating cooling towers. On top of this the building is to be cooled, or air-conditioned, by energy drawn from the flowing water of the Hudson River. Recycling is also a main factor for the building. In its construction it will use 75 percent of recycled materials, SEVENTY-FIVE! I mean, how incredible is that?

The new World Trade Center is on track to being finished in 2013, and will reach an incredible height of 1,776 feet, which is ironically the year America became independent.

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  1. October 28, 2011 at 12:24 am

    I really like how they’re making the new WTC extremely environment friendly since this building did serve as a prominent global figure. This step toward the green movement can really set a precedent for other buildings around the world. I mean think about how much energy a building of that size consumes. Also, the building itself looks amazing. i saw it two weeks ago and it is truly breathtaking. I can’t wait til it’s completed and I can check it out!

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